Spark. Ideate. Create

Spark. Ideate. Create

Saturdays & Sundays | May 2017



6 May

TITLE: Animation: Behind the scenes

WHO: Anibrain VFX Studios

Description: Take a rare peek at the processes behind some of your most loved films and try your hand at being an animator for a day

7 May

TITLE: Make a toy car and contraption

WHO: Angad Singi

Description: Learn how to make a simple chain reaction device to get a task done, and create your own motor toy car from scratch.

13 May

TITLE: Seeing through photography

WHO: Vaibhav Raj Shah

Description: Use the camera to capture the unseen world around you

14 May

TITLE: Print your own artbook

WHO: Snehal R Goyal

Description: Work in groups to tell a story through images, learn how to print these to create your very own illustrated storybook.

20 May

TITLE: Visual data interpretation

WHO: Sarang Ganoo

Description: Data can be represented in more than graphs and pie charts, if you think creatively and use the subject to look for fun new ways to look at numbers and figures.

21 May

TITLE: Experiment with pattern and design

WHO: Chinmayee Samant

Description: Use everyday sights and objects to look for elements which will translate into making your very own custom pattern.

27 May

TITLE: Drama and theatre

WHO: Hina Siddiqui

28 May

TITLE: The stories of everyday objects

WHO: Hari Kara

Description: Explore the design of everyday objects through doodles, mind maps and charts, to build up a story.




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