The TIFA Internship Program is a 6-week, hands-on, Pune-based, paid internship open to students, young professionals and creative minds, looking for a collaborative, interactive space to launch their careers by growing their knowledge and experience around art, design and culture.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in the workings of a community arts and cultural space and implement an event, a program, a design intervention and a project, from scratch. You will also have access to an interest- and industry-specific mentor, in addition to the resources and expertise of the TIFA staff and larger community.
Design Internship
Creative individuals with contemporary sensibilities and knowledge of digital design possibilities. Don’t forget to include samples of your portfolio.
Research Internship
Meticulous and thorough, we’re looking for someone who will help us build up a resource of local and industry-specific knowledge to help our programming. Include a proposal for what you could contribute.
Marketing Internship
The core of any organization is now the one that creates it’s public face. Tell us how you would help us make a mark!
Film Internship 
A sound understanding of editing, processing software, ability to assist in documentation and creating engaging online content. Send us links to your work.
Who can intern at TIFA?
Anyone who is interested in working with TIFA and is willing to contribute the art community within the city.
Can I apply for an internship with no prior experience?
Yes, you may apply. However, we require you to have basic knowledge and skill sets related to the programme you are applying to.
Can I apply as an intern other than the positions mentioned above?
 Yes, we are open to interns who interested in applying to work with the organization.