TIFA Institute is an alternative education platform that looks at residencies and workshops as formats that can be employed and utilised for constructing a learning network. We are working on new formats to find ways of resolving the bottlenecks that we experience and observe everyday in the field of art, culture and education.

TIFA was created to innovate and experiment within and outside of the existing educational ecosystem in India to provide resources, tools and processes to other institutions, art organizations and cultural communities. These are provided and shared through collaboration, documentation and archiving.

We value discussion and collaboration, and offer inputs and mentorship to spark ideation, conceptualization, expression and meticulous execution of projects. We are always looking at new faculties and resources for the production and manifestation of a thriving field.

TIFA is a platform for conversations and critical new ways of conceptualizing and making art. We wish to become a node for a dialogue across media and linguistic affiliations in a trans-local setting.