To Participate in the Archive: Artel 2018



13th January 2018
Artists’ Presentation


19th January 2018
Artist’s Talk by CAMP


3rd & 4th February 2018
Open Studios



Katrin Winkler Germany

Dito Yuwono Indonesia

Parsa Sajid Bangladesh

Ali Akbar Mehta India

Sandip Kuriakose India

Kaushal Sapre India

Himanshu S India

Vidhya Mohankumar India



Vidisha Saini India

This year at Artel 2018 we will work with eight Artists-in-Residence towards investigating the curatorial framework “To Participate In The Archive”. The Archive is proposed as the site and trope for inquiry and arts production. Participants will be exploring both public and private collections, documenting new histories and social maps, working with performative recreations, and also probe the internet. The project looks at the role of the artist as a participant, their socio-political ecology as a collaborator, and other participatory processes as collective labour.


The order of an archive is defined in a certain way; how can the inquiry within it, or production of new archives bring to surface the politics of archiving and archives? How do we acknowledge the shortcomings, or the stakes of exhibited archives? What does constant appropriation of proposed positions of the archive do to the original archive in itself? How do we attach social memory and oral histories within the archive, what is then the role of an artist and stakes of participating in the archive?

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