ARTEL 2016: Artist’s Residency India

Identity of Space
March 14th – April 10th, 2016

‘Identity of Space’ indicates the concordance between the space and its identity. While creating that identity through their engagement with the space, 10 artists from across the world have explored myriad possibilities of art making within the transitional site of Hotel Shalimar.

The simultaneity of the cityscape of Pune as a conundrum of distinct realities and layers of history, and an old hotel space with its architectural elements, abandoned corners and presence of human labour has reflected in the processes and works displayed at TIFA. These projects collapse the boundaries between inside and outside, public and private, permanency and temporality while connecting artists’ personal narratives with narratives of the space. The drawings, videos, photographs and performances capture artists’ interactions with the space that they occupied for a month through visuals, sounds, actions but also through subtleties and silences.

Madhu Das
Dheer Kaku
Utsa Hazarika
Priyesh Trivedi
Sheersha Mukherjee
Nooshin Rostami (USA)
Chiu Chih Hua (Taiwan)
Shimul Saha (Bangladesh)
Aditya Fachrizal (Indonesia)
Lilli Tolp & Eva Bubla (Estonia & Hungary)

Art Critic
Noopur Desai

Photo Credit: Chiu Chih Hua