Behind Closed Doors

A lot of things happen behind closed doors: some harmless, some incredibly horrifying and some that remain invisible as they slowly eat away at our foundations. This new work by OQ is about putting these things on showcase for an audience. Each piece was created by an artist over the past six months, it is intensely personal and yet based on larger questions of how we exist day-to-day.

As audiences, you can choose to watch for as long as you want or become one of the players in the exhibits. There will be conversation chambers where you can sit, talk to our actor-facilitators or simply scream with joy, frustration or whatever it is that you feel in the moment. We hope that by the end of the experience, together all of us can come up with new ways to co-exist and face the stresses and joys of our modern life.

Rupali Godambe // theatre actor, solo performer, poet
Luv Mahatani // singer-songwriter, performance-artist
Janhavi Pawar // dancer, actor, performance artist

About the Performance
Rupali Godambe: Home Alone

The struggles and triumphs of a single woman living alone. Rupali Godambe is one of the many single people living in a temporary rented home in the city. Shifting every 11 months, dealing with neighbours of all kinds, fixing, formulating, forgetting life – this piece is a diorama of living unrooted played out to musings and observations of the artist recorded over months of her living in a room of her own.

Luv Mahatani: Love Actually

When we watch all those romantic scenes in a movie, don’t we want that – that undying devotion that defies all odds. How much do you want it? How long can you watch without crying out about the injustice of it all?

Luv Mahatani has painstakingly created a montage of scenes of terrifying intimacy from movies across time and space. These are juxtaposed against images of pornography and the state of the world. And then he watches it all – alone – waiting for you to come and be his for now and ever more.

Janhavi Pawar: Desi Bahu Doing Own Self

A bahu in the kitchen and an animal in bed – but without making a sound.

A new bride, a new household and suddenly an invisible demand to remould yourself to the expectations of a new family. Janhavi’s piece started with the question of what female desire means – what happens when a woman wants someone and then how does this transform post the Great Indian marriage – where there are few examples of open desire to emulate, yet tacitly, the pressure of conjugation falls on the woman. She can’t scream during orgasm but it’s her fault if he doesn’t come to her bed.

A bahu in the kitchen and an animal in bed – silent in both cases. How does that work out?

Tickets available at venue Rs 300.
(Payment accepted by Cash or PAYTM)