CINEPOETRY: From Verse to Vision



Cinema and poetry can be interpreted as two forms of art that may deal with similar content. What kind of content can be created if there were a hybrid of the two forms? Cinepoetry is an experiment where the mediums can come together to depict the shared ideas and concepts that poets and filmmakers grapple with, in the hopes that while actively trying to incorporate multiple forms to create art, the artists can begin to question the rules and conventions of their practices.

We invite poets, filmmakers, and creative souls to come together, collaborate and create flash short films. Teams will be guided by our mentor – Khaliq Parkar, a professor of Political Science at Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts and Vaibhav Raj Shah, an artist & filmmaker. The aim is to explore the merging of two mediums and test its limits by moving from conventional and direct adaptation of content from one medium to another.


21st July | 7pm

Panel discussion on Cinepoetry with Ananya Parikh and Chandrakant Redican (Free and open to public)

Assignment of teams for collaboration

22nd -23rd July | 10am – 5pm

Collaborative teams come together to create short cinepoetry

23rd July | 6pm

Screening and discussion on the films created by participants