28th & 29th April | 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm 
Is space still and always present? Or is it ‘produced’ by movement or ‘evolved’ through systematic construction? Is it a conceptual framework, or does it have its own being and existence? Is space a perception? Can it be owned or, what do we really mean when we say a ‘space’ is ours?

These questions are continually explored by dancers and architects alike. The space which both streams of art claim to share is not merely a physical element. It’s much more complex and has more to it than we see in its physicality.A contemporary form of dance is unique in its choreographic process and encourages expression through body emotions and energies to produce movement styles which are often very intimate.

Central to the piece are the geometric, colorful works of “Raza” and the famous BINDU symbolizing the fountain head of both energy and creativity. The dancer interacts with the space and its elements, at this unique venue of TIFA, embarking on a journey right from the entrance till it’s terrace, guiding the audience on a journey and sharing their personal stories.
Choreography & Concept – Hrishikesh Pawar
Lights Design – Harshavardhan Pathak
Sound – Shripad Thete
Costumes – Shruti and Mangaaysh Designs
Music – Preludes by “Bach”
Documentation – Three Monkeys
Special Thank you to Vaishali Oak & Raju Sutar