Games Day Sunday

Game Sunday

Donor Ticket Rs.100

Tired of lazy uneventful Sundays? The stress of a week full of meetings, assignments and deadlines culminates to a Sunday.

TIFA brings to you another Sunday of gaming goodies. Strategic thinking, spirited competition and nail biting excitement comes to you this Sunday. To get audiences off their phones we are playing engaging board games, join us over for an exciting weekend.

The event encompasses all kinds of board games, presenting somewhat of an indoor game arcade to engage audiences off their phones and bringing the community together over for a fun weekend. The gaming sessions would be hosted by enthusiast gamers themselves.

We are looking forward to introducing the audience to a new format of board games which will not only be exciting but would require strategic thinking, consistent team work and staying ahead of the others. Of course, we would also be having some of the classics, for old times’ sake.


Every second Sunday of the month.


What do you do?

All you have to do is come join us, pick a team and you’re ready to play.

We would also encourage you to bring your friends along to make it more exciting!