Hamare Yahaan

Hamare Yahaan

31st August – 9th September | 2pm – 7pm

Have you ever gone past a neighbourhood and found yourself drawn to an old house? Found beauty in its ageing walls and peeling paint? Wondered about the people who lived there and called it home? Imagined for a moment, what your life would be like if you had known that house as intimately as they did? What is this nostalgia we feel for something we haven’t seen before? How does time lend a place – a house, a street, a neighbourhood – charm? Why should there be enchantment in brick and stone?

31st August | 6 pm: Exhibition opening, readings by Samrat Chakrabarti and Hina Siddiqui
1st September | 6 pm: Screening of the films Birds of Passage, Soviet Modernism, Bhoomi, and conversation between Vikas Urs and Ranjit Nair
9th September | 7pm: Performance: Marking Your Territory by Amol K Patil & Ashwam Salokhe

Ayisha Abraham
Anil Chandran
Charlot Kryza
Amol K Patil
Samrat Chakrabarti
Sujan Ghosh
Vikas Urs
Naveen Kumar SM
Chandrakala MN Kala
Desai Somesh
Tanmay Santra

Curated by Shoaib Chadkhan

TIFA and Zero Eight 21, Mysore bring you a show that has travelled in its various forms from Mysore as ‘Between Mysore to Mysooru,’ as ‘Heritage Per Sqft.’ at The VAG Forum Bangalore, Clark House Mumbai, and SN University Hyderabad. It now comes to TIFA with a more humanistic approach as ‘Hamare Yahaan.’ It is a human thing to animate the inanimate with meaning. As young children we speak to things (a favourite doll, a much loved toy) as if they were our living breathing friends. As adults, it is things that speak to us – a silver ring that your grandmother gave you, an old car that was your dad’s pride, a tiny shoe that reminds you of the time your child was still a baby. When those objects, artifacts, structures attach themselves to the idea of ‘home’ – they take on all the emotional heft contained in that four-letter word. Home is where the heart is in all its complexity.

The four walls are therefore not just brick and mortar but also a stage, a setting and witness to our very lives being lived in all its intimate joy, hope and tragedy. If the walls could speak, it is our all-too human lives they would utter. But of course, walls do speak in their own way. Through the marks left on them by the sun, rain and life as the seasons slowly turn them from a pristine foolhardy imposition by man, to a more humble thing always ceding its man-made quality to the earth on which it stands. And in decaying so, gaining a texture, charm, character that draws the eye, gladdens the heart and beckons the imagination.

Hamare Yahaan is an invitation to inhabit that feeling of being arrested by the old world charm of a house, street and neighbourhood. The protagonist here is the old house from an earlier era that through its own lyrical representation of it, seeks to engage the viewer with the idea of home, nostalgia and identity. Hamare Yahaan, however, hopes to go further. By showing the emotional dimension to built spaces, its intention is to exercise our imagination in the service of the city.

About Zero Eight 21:
Zero Eight 21 Connect are a group of individuals with the collective ideal aiming to project the contemporary art practice in Mysore (0821 being the phone code). As a city-state, Mysore has had a rich history of cutting-edge artists of the day patronised by the Royal families of Mysore. Parallel cities like Baroda, Ahmedabad and Pune were also hubs of art and culture then. There has been a lacuna in the past 50 odd years in Mysore, and there is a definitive need to amalgamate our collective consciousness to meet the global self and identify the local voice. It is here that this grouping aims to nurture and redefine the city.