Lady Anandi: Documentary Theatre Performance

Lady Anandi: Documentary Theatre Performance

28th July 2018 | 7pm

Rs. 300 | Limited Seats

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Lady Anandi a performance by Anuja Ghosalkar, is a documentary theatre performance, first of its kind in India, by Anuja Ghosalkar. It is the story of a female actor, Lady F, who is haunted by the ghost of her great grandfather—a female impersonator in late 19th C Marathi theatre— every time she goes up on stage, and her love for moustaches. Using a series of photographs, anecdotes and fiction, Ghosalkar weaves through time periods to find her great grandfather. Lady Anandi has been performed as a work-in-progress across India and debuted in Sweden.

The performance is based on extensive research and is an exploration of a personal archive. It brings together elements like performance, history, early photography and gender. The text was written during Anuja’s month-long residency at Art Lab Gnesta, Sweden. It is being presented at that moment when research ends and performance begins. This is as an unfinished piece— created as an active exploration that evolves with its audience. It aims to draw the Lady Anandi audience’s attention to the process of making work rather than presenting a finished product. In the absence of a director, the audience, take on that role. Therefore, the Q&A at the end of the show is an integral part of the performance.


Stories We Tell: Workshop

29th – 30th July 2018 | 4pm – 6.30pm

Rs.2000 | Limited Seats

Register: | +91 96234 44433


Where do we come from? What do we know about our family history? What does an old photo tell us? Or a lullaby that our mother sang? Or our grandmother’s recipe book, what secrets does it hold? The workshop will focus on storytelling and theatre making. Using tales from the lives of participants, they will get a chance to improvise a performance that uses objects, photographs, recipes and music from their personal histories or family archives. The workshop will explore documentary theatre, a new concept in India and enable participants to write original scripts using real stories from their lives.  The workshop will focus on the basics of performance making, story- telling, writing and using varied media like photography and video to make documentary. The workshop will focus on the basics of performance making, story- telling, writing and using varied media like photography and video to make documentary theatre.


About Anuja Ghosalkar

Anuja Ghosalkar is an actor, writer and director based in Bangalore. Drama Queen, her Documentary theatre company focusses on personal histories and archives to extend the idea of theatre to create audacious work. In the past, Anuja has worked as a programme officer at India Foundation for the Arts, on Experimenta- a festival of moving image art in India, in film research with Rosie Thomas of University of Westminster, curating, writing and teaching cinema. Through a Sarai grant she documented the oral narratives of her grandfather, the oldest living make-up artist in India. She was an artist-in- residence at Art Lab Gnesta, Sweden where she wrote Lady Anandi. Her ‘Stories We Tell’ newest project The Reading Room blurs the boundary between audience and performer, where 10 strangers read personal letters alongside public ones.

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