Meme Regime


23rd February | Todi Mills Social, Bombay

1st March | Walkin Studios, Bangalore

2nd March | Zero Eight 21 Connect, Mysore

Memes, by far, are the most democratic form of art in our time; and they have been getting more absurd, referential, cryptic and down right dank as we move ahead in time. Meme Regime aims to understand the cultural phenomenon of memes as an art movement, and make the memes accessible at the same time. The core idea of the project is to theorize and understand the dynamics of meme trends, definitions and bizzare meme evolutions in detail as well as touch upon the exclusivity, critique, sources, perks, downfalls, and boundaries of memes as jokes.

7th September 2018 | TIFA Working Studios, Pune

The event features an art exhibition of the best memes collected from a meme submission forum. It also includes screenings about the history of memes and how memes can step into education.

The headline of the event is a panel discussion with fellow meme bois:
Sangram Sadhale, A meme dealer and 4chan forum survivor
Abhinit Khanna, Curator of #artworldmemes
Karan Shah, Pune meme boi + stand up comedian
Shubhi Dixit, Shubhi Dixit, Micro-content professional, poetess + meme  connoisseur
Imagined by Anuj Nakade

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