Metropology: Critical Multimodality
Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges
24th May – 7th July, 2016

Launching a summer intensive for students interested in producing multimedia ethnographies in India. Metropology offers a 6 week-long multimedia research experience for 5 students from Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges. Focusing on building bridges between the visual arts, social sciences and human rights work, it will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about different research methodologies and to practice their skills in the field in partnership with academics, filmmakers and artists, and local NGO partners.
Students will be under the mentorship of Professor Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan (Anthropology).

29th May, 2016
Ethics of Representation by Gayatri Chatterjee

7th June, 2016
User Research: An insight into Ethnography by Pratima Kalmadi
This workshop aims to give participants an introduction into Ethnography and how it is increasingly being used as an creative tool. We will share tools and techniques that will help develop a better understanding of how Ethnography can be used to understand people and culture as well as the details of their lifestyles and behaviour. We will coach participants through different research methodologies – such as user research, observation, rapid ethnography, persona building and participatory design techniques. The students will also learn how to do ‘empathic research’ and how to use these methodologies through an practical exercise within field research. A user-centered ethnographic approach holds many benefits and can be a source of inspiration for creativity, uncovering problems or issues that have not previously been addressed and the resulting insights will help increase their understanding of different environments, cultures and the people who exist within them.

11th June, 2016
Photography & Video Exploration by Sharmila Samant
In this workshop, the aim is to explore the transition of the moving image and video into an artists’ medium. Sharmila Samant will show about 7-10 videos of various artists, and the discussion will involve analysing the forms, approaches, content and contexts of these videos.
She will give examples of the moving image in art history, and through interactive conversations, participants will discover the layering of visual, perceptual and social narratives. Approaches towards creating 1 minute videos will be discussed in the workshop.

17th June, 2016
Creative Remixing by Amshu Chukki

22th June, 2016
Sound Exploration by Vaibhav Raj Shah

26th June, 2016
Editing & Presentation by Anurag Ramgopal

Open Studios: 3rd July, 2016

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