Minute per Image
4pm – 8pm | 7th – 9th January 2017

‘Minute per Image’ is an exhibition organized by artist–curator Sharmila Samant in collaboration with TIFA Working Studios.
Exhibit will show works by:
Payal Arya
Saikat Surai
Smita Rajmane
Motup Tsering
Abhinav Yagnik
Vrushali Purandare

The proliferation of the moving image in the 20 hundreds due to the easy access of recording devices has made the last two decades the most documented age.
From the cctvs to the eye in the sky, from news to the selfie videos, the internet has made available a plethora of videos at a click.

Video Art straddles the lacuna within this superfluous cultural production, operating from the periphery of several different but often intersecting systems of communication. It ranges from the personal to the television broadcasts, documentary to independent cinema, provocatively speaking out from an alternative perspective on social and cultural issues. As a medium, it engages in questioning, engaging, provoking, educating, informing, and articulating new ideas. Video art accomplishes its greatest success when it parallels and articulates ideas coming out of contemporary cultural, art, and political movements.
The 6 artists speak out against sameness/ conformity in the midst of a world rapidly consumed by global media enterprises and corporate interests. The videos here represent a decentralised media that can participate in challenging mainstream culture and continues to provide creative, alternative uses of the medium.

This exhibition is an attempt to trace the sense of ‘present’ in the artists’ personal spaces and surroundings.