Prakalp Pune Festival

Prakalp Pune Festival

9th December 2018 to 27th January 2019

Diorama in flux | Exhibition

21st December 2018 to 27th January 2019 at TIFA Working Studios

Diorama In Flux is a provocation for discourse about Punawadi – Poona – Pune in these rapidly changing times. The city has grown exponentially and is now a hyper-evolving cosmopolitan. The exhibition examines Pune and its transient cultural, political and historical past, and their condition in the present and possible futures. The subtle nuances that have quietly percolated into the social fabric of the city and its inhabitants over time are highlighted to reassess the identity of Pune.

The exhibition revisits memories of the city, history, heritage, people, language, the environment, conservation and architecture expressed through art and other media. The works provoke enquiry into these various facets and experiences of the city, and challenge perceptions of the paradoxes and dualities that have evolved and been adapted to by the city. These artistic projections speak of the future while being grounded in the documentation of the present and reflections on the past.

Artists: Abhishek Pote, Alijan Shaikh, Arti Kirloskar, Bade Moochwale, Madhur Barve, Pranav Talvelkar, Ria Rajan, Radheya Hanvate, Shahid Khan, Snehal Chordia Goyal,Tanvi Bhadre, Vrishali Purandhare & Vrushaket Salaskar. 

Curated by Nachiket Prakash

The Art of Yoga
9th December 2018 | 3.30pm – 5.30pm at Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

TIFA Working Studios in partnership with Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar through a performance by C. Krishnaswamy of the series ‘Kundalini Rising’.

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