REProduce Viewing Room 
Delhi based photographer Nishant Shukla will present a body of work called “Ravers & the Aftermath”. The work will be integrated within the Listening Room milieu, and will remain installed over the course of a month at TIFA.
This body of work looks at the counter culture of quasi-legal psytrance parties in London & Hungary. The portraits capture a need to escape traps of the everyday whereas the transient spaces depicted exhibit the traces and remains of those desires. The theme of belonging to a non-conformist movement lies at the heart of this series, presenting a certain irony embedded with the act of conforming to a new wave of uniformity.
Nishant Shukla is a photographic artist/professional currently based in the New Delhi, India. He is also co-founder of the multimedia collective named BIND.
REProduce Changing Room 
A cross discipline collaboration with KORRA™ Jeans. Inspired by the unique spatial character at TIFA, this alternative retail intervention within the Listening Room framework reads as a story within a story. Experimental in approach – the garments find a new context in this participatory exercise where patrons engage with the clothes, via a site specific installation engaging the senses through movement and sound.
KORRA™ is an Indian jeans wear brand founded on the pillars of purpose, sustainability and conscious consumption. Based in New Delhi, the brand has formed an audience which reaches across 16 countries since its inception in June 2014.
At 3PM on Saturday, Nishant will join Mia Morikawa, one of the founders of KORRA Jeans for a short conversation on where creative practices and commerce meet.