Sister Library


12th July – 15th July 2018 | 3PM-7PM at TIFA Working Studios


Sister Library is a travelling library powered by female excellence. It is an evolving and generative artwork that engages in in-depth reflection on the visual and reading culture of our times.

The project seeks to bring together readers to explore the literary contribution, showcase the artistic quality and celebrate the contributions of women in the creative world as well as to foster interests and understanding of the accomplishments of women writers and artists.

Sister Library holds a hundred works of women writers, artists and zine makers. Some of the authors in the collection include Alison Bechdel, Naomi Wolf, Angela Davis, Bell Hooks, Sharmila Rege, Taslima Nasrin, and Nayyirah Waheed. Sister Library also includes around thirty self-published books and zines. This curated mix of works of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, zines and periodicals will be taken to six different cities, namely Mumbai, Delhi, Cochin, Pune, Goa, and Bangalore to independent and artist-run spaces that are working towards change making.

People are invited to interact with the exhibition as well as create their own work. The intent is not only to facilitate the reading of female authors but also to create a safe and non-judgmental space for people to come together and explore the pleasure of reading and creating. The project aims to create a new narrative and to provide the space to ask questions, to look and to think about the answers; and to video-document responses of people who interact with Sister Library when encountering exclusively women’s work in such abundance.

Sister Library intends to provide a unique experience to be immersed in works created by women exclusively. The project is supported by the Inlaks Fine Art Award 2018.


12th July, 6PM: Short film screening, discussion and reading from the books

13th July, 5PM: Reading circle where people bring their favourite works of women and share them with everyone

14th July, 5PM: Poster-making workshop (Supplies will be provided)

15th July, 5PM: Reading of works around women’s health from the collection


About the Artist:

Aqui Thami is a first generation indigenous artist and academic. Her interest spans the fields of Anthropology of the State, Dalit & Indigenous Studies, Anti-Racist Feminism, and, Youth & Conflict Studies. Her art is centred around the culture of DIY, self-publishing as well as a guerrilla poster. She believes in creating art that is grounded in the act of ‘doing’ and addresses political or social issues.

Since 2013 at Dharavi Art Room, she has been working closely with the children and women in Dharavi and other neighbourhoods facing systemic oppression, using art as a medium of story-telling, and she has come to believe that art can truly empower.

She is also a part of Bombay Underground, a collective that experiments with various public art practices, including but not limited to zine-making and performance art.

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