Towards Resistance: A multi-media exhibition

TOWARDS RESISTANCE : Allies for the Uncertain Futures

27th May – 3rd June | 12 pm – 8 pm


TIFA Working Studios is thrilled to present TOWARDS RESISTANCE: Allies for the Uncertain Futures- Part I, the upcoming exhibition curated by Shaunak Mahbubani, which seeks to ignite and foster conversations about ongoing creative movements of resistance against existing systems, beliefs and oppressions. This multidisciplinary exhibition brings together 18 artists, both locally from Pune and across the country from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa. Drawing from the former art-deco hotel space that now functions as an alternative arts center, the show will showcase a wide range of mediums from interactive installation, to sound, painting, photography, and performance. The exhibition, with various peripheral events, will run from 27th May to 3rd June at TIFA Working Studios.



Through the lens of contemporary art, the exhibition brings in new ways to look at the inequalities that exist in our social spheres. Each of the artists featured in the show brings in a diverse way of resisting and subverting conventions through their art practice. Viewers get to trace Orijit Sen’s journey from writing India’s first graphic novel up to his current works in a Manga-inspired reading room. We get an experiential insight into philosopher Sundar Sarukkai’s work on caste and inequality through a sound and tactile installation. The Aravani Art Project and Rucha Kulkarni’s works both give us glimpses into community driven art projects breaking class and gender barriers.
The dream is to live in a society without power structures of gender, caste, race, religion, sexuality and ableism. The exhibition is an attempt to move one step forward in that direction by exploring the possibilities of systemic resistance entering everyday life. Curator Shaunak Mahbubani says, “In order to see real change, we need to move from external forms of resistance like protests and petitions, to an internalised sense of resistance in our everyday conversations, choices, and even the way we have fun. I strongly believe art is the way to drive these conversations amongst millennials and it will lead us towards building an allied future”


About the Curator

Shaunak Mahbubani is an emerging curator who works at the intersections of art, social practice and public engagement. He takes his work to both gallery and public spaces equally, his last large exhibition was held as 1ShanthiRoad Studio/Gallery, Bangalore. ’Towards Resistance’ kicks off his new project, ‘Allies for the Uncertain Futures’ a multipart exhibition series. He will continue his work on this project during an upcoming Khoj Fellowship in Delhi, to be held in late 2017.



Orijit Sen

Sundar Sarukkai

Rucha Kulkarni

Ragini Bhow

Kiran Joan

Swetha Mantrii

Rahul Gudipudi

Nachiket Prakash



Saturday 27th May

6:00p – 7:00p | With the Curator: Shaunak Mahbubani in conversation with Trishla Talera

7:30p – 8:30p | The Philosophy of Resistance: Talk by Sundar Sarukkai

Sunday 28th May

5:00p – 6:00p | Dialog as Resistance: Workshop by Peace-activist Chintan Girish Modi

6:30p – 7:30p | Art in the space of Resistance: Panel Discussion

Tuesday 30th May

7:30p onwards | All Stars Open Mic: Are you WOKE yet?

Wednesday 31st May

7:30p onwards | Participation & the Publics: Artists’ Community Sharing Circle

Thursday 1st June

7:00p onwards | Contemporary Perspectives through Cinema

Friday 2nd June

8:00p onwards | WOMXN : An evening of performances by female-identifying performers

Saturday 3rd June

7:00p onwards | Premiere Night: ‘Sisak’ India’s first silent LGBTQ Film