TIFA began its residency program in 2015 with the aim of supporting emerging artists and art practice through local engagement and global exchange. The TIFA Residency Program hosts practitioners to create work in a new cultural context by deeply immersing themselves in it. It facilitates experimentation, collaboration, research, making and presentation through critical discussion and feedback. Located in Pune, the Residency unfolds at TIFA’s 1940s former Art Deco heritage hotel in the marked centre of the city. The architecture reveals small surprises: the nook under the stairs, the upper wooden bridge and the empty elevator shaft carrying in light at every level. There are 16 interlinked studios, not 2 of which are the same.

The nature of the residency encourages creative practitioners to contextualize, challenge and further their practice during their time here. TIFA’s multi-disciplinary ethos and strong community network extends support to makers and practitioners to conduct critical contact across disciplines. The residency provides a critical and contemporary space for production, experimentation, collaboration, and presentation.